Acadia (United States): what to see in the Maine National Park


What to see in the Acadia national park, where the protected area is located, historical notes on the region, gelling phenomenon and panorama from Mount Cadillac.

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Located in the state of Maine, along the northeastern Atlantic coast of the United States, Acadia National Park was established in 1919.

Stretching for about 170 square kilometers, this protected area includes the southern tip of the Schoodic Peninsula in the east, the Isle au Haut in the south-west, and much of Mount Desert Island.

Its name derives from the province of Acadia to which it belonged, today including New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Colonized by France in 1604, Acadia disagreed with the English neighbors and the great upheaval caused by the Treaty of Utrecht, with which it was ceded to England in 1713, divided its inhabitants throughout America, of which it is only one colony survived in the secondary arms of a river near New Orleans.

The granite region of which the park is part has very ancient origins, both from a human point of view, as traces of civilization dating back to the Stone Age have been found, as well as from a geological point of view.

Several hundred years ago, this area was entirely covered by the sea, the sediments deposited on the seabed were first raised, then later flattened by erosion.

In the Pleistocene, about two million years ago, the whole area was affected by ice even 1600 meters thick.

The action of ice gave rise to the particular forms of the relief, characterized by smooth rocks, round hills, fjords and lakes.

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A phenomenon that deserves attention is that of gelling which fragments the rocks, when the water freezes inside the cracks, giving rise to landslides consisting of boulders that precipitate at the foot of the rock formation.

On the coast the sea water penetrates the faults breaking the granite into blocks, creating jagged coasts.

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The summit of Mount Cadillac, at 466 meters above sea level, offers the best panorama, including Mount Desert Island and Acadia Park, whose prevalent vegetation is represented by pine and birch trees.

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