Best wishes for good name day: phrases, aphorisms


Happy name-day phrases, funny quotes and aphorisms to say or write to the person whose name is celebrated on the corresponding day according to the calendar of all Saints.

Onomastic quotes

- I will sing your name as the valley sings the echo of the bells; I will listen to the language of your soul as the beach listens to the story of the waves. (Khalil Gibran)

- These flowers bring you our best wishes on the day of your name day.

- …………… .., a name that for me means joy, happiness and love. Good name day.

- Today in the air a name like my neighbor's stereo system echoes, it is my love.

- For my best friend: your name is like many and you are a person like few. Good name day.

- Anything that cannot be expressed verbally, comes to you with these flowers. Happy name day.

- Anything that cannot be expressed verbally, comes to you with these flowers. Greetings good name day.

- ……………, your name is as beautiful as these flowers. Best wishes!

- On the occasion of your name day, I want to send you my best wishes and remind you that you can always count on my friendship.

- So my heart trembles every time when your name falls on it. (Erich Fried)

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- These flowers show you my sympathy by wishing you a happy name day.

- Your parents chose a beautiful name for you that I remember easily. Happy name day!

Onomastic aphorisms

- I love your voice, your eyes, your thoughts ... and I love saying your name. Good name day my beautiful (...).

- A small gift to celebrate an important anniversary. Good name day.

- Happy birthday to you that you are my favorite of the ones I know with the same name.

- What's in a name? What we call rose even with another name always retains its scent. (William Shakespeare)

- I don't wish you to live as long as a star because it would be exaggerated. I don't wish you the life of a flower because it would be too short. Instead, I wish you the brightness of a star and the hope in the future that the sight of a flower gives to those who know how to appreciate it, for this my best wishes for a good name day.

- A magnificent name for a person really dear to me to whom I address my best wishes for a good name day.

- Today I never often think of you for a minute, I absolutely wanted to avoid forgetting to give you the best wishes for a good name day.

- You have always complained about wearing a name you didn't like because you thought it was too difficult to remember. On the contrary, I find your name wonderful and I was anxiously waiting for this day to be able to send you my best regards.

- Your name reminds me of the melody of a love song, the scent of a flower, the colors of the rainbow with all their nuances. Just say your name and my heart starts beating much faster, I want to hold you because your name gives me energy to realize my dreams that I would always like to share with you that you are special. Best wishes of good name day.

- And since then I am because you are, and since then you are, I am and we are, and for love I will be, you will be, we will be. (Pablo Neruda)

- ……………., This floral tribute reaches you worthy of those who bear such a fascinating name. Best wishes for your name day.

- But on a wild night who can bring you home? Only those who know your name. (Jeanette Winterson)

Onomastic phrases

- Today is San (...). Many people have this name but for me none is as special as you! Many wishes for good name day.

- Nine thousand positive thoughts and best wishes from the bottom of my heart to you who are a very special and unique person. Happy name day!

- Your beauty not only external but also and above all internal makes you shining in the eyes of those who are lucky enough to be near you and those who love you. Happy birthday for your fantastic name day.

- A thought binds me to You. A thought that others call Love. I, on the other hand, call him by Your Name. (Catherine M. Ramos)

- The most splendid of names ... ... the most extraordinary of the celebrated. Good name day !.

- I have your name tattooed on my eyelids, if I close my eyes then I see you. (Mr Rain)

- As you can see, once again someone remembered your name day. Affectionate wishes.

- One single lip movement. Your name are five letters. (Marina Cvetaeva)

- Did you think I'd forgotten? Never. Your name continues to flood my mind and soften my lips just by saying it. Good name day. With love.

- Yesterday, when someone said your name, it seemed to me that a rose bloomed on the pavement. (Wislawa Szymborska)

- Your name is a symphony for my ears and it looks good on you. Good name day.

- From the day we started dating, everything seems brighter. Know that I feel the urgent need to travel with you, to give you gifts and to amaze you more and more. I love to celebrate every anniversary with you, let alone if I could forget your name day. Auguroni my love!

Onomastic thoughts

The phrases name day greetings are words to be said on the occasion of the coincidence of the Saint of the calendar with the name to celebrate and for this reason they can be funny name days, if you want to combine fun with the celebration, name day friends, if the person to celebrate is a friend in the truest sense of the word.

Onomastic phrases mom, for those who do not want to forget to celebrate the one who brought him into the world, nice onomastic phrases, those that arouse immediate sympathy at the mere pronouncement of the same, onomastic phrases dad, to make the best wishes to your dad.

The phrases wishes for name day are used to celebrate the person who bears the same name as the saint of the day.

The phrases of good name day, spoken or written on a greeting card on the day when all those who bear the same name as the saint of the day set by the Christian calendar of the Catholic religion are celebrated, are very useful for giving a gesture of sympathy and friendship to someone as a kind thought.

If the name does not correspond to any of the saints listed in the calendar, it is possible to celebrate the name day on the feast day of all the saints falling on November 1st, using phrases of good luck custom name to pronounce or write on a greeting card in this date.

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