Braganza (Portugal): what to see


What to see in Braganza, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest in the medieval village, including Castello and Domus Municipalis.

Tourist information

The ancient part of Braganza is located on the hill, a medieval village completely surrounded by twelfth-century walls with 18 towers, while the modern city is below.

Proceeding north-west, near the border with Spain is the Montesinho Natural Park, consisting of a large mountainous area.

The economy of this city, the episcopal see, is mainly based on agriculture and the textile industry.

What see

The role of military fortress played in the past by Braganza, a holiday town in Portugal, is testified by the well-preserved double walls that enclose the historic center.

Although the origins of the castle date back to the late 12th century, this place had already been inhabited by Celts, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims.

The grandiose Tower of Homage, where the Military Museum of Braganza is located today, is located in the place where the Domus Municipalis stands out which represents the only Romanesque civil building still visible in Portugal.

The Cathedral, with a simple facade on the outside, contains all the exuberant character of the typical Portuguese baroque inside.

Of great interest is the Abade Bacal Museum, where the history of all the various populations that lived in this city is testified.

Bragança - Portugal (March 2024)

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