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Useful information on online cars and used car quotation zero kilometers of each brand with links to the websites of car manufacturers and auto accessories.

Car categories

Regardless of the cost, the differences of which may be abysmal, we can divide cars into various categories according to the type of bodywork.

Sedan: car characterized by the fact that it has an independent passenger compartment and a boot, that is to say not in communication with each other and with independent access. The bodywork is also called 3-volume with 4 doors and 5 seats are distributed over two rows of seats.

Two volumes: in a car of this type, the doors can be two or four and the main feature is the fact that the luggage compartment communicates with the passenger compartment and is accessible from the outside via a comfortable tailgate. This type of bodywork offers elasticity of the load capacity with the extension of the boot by folding the rear seats forward thus giving the possibility to load the bulky objects. The bodywork is also called 3 or 5 doors respectively if there are 2 or 4 doors with in addition the tailgate. Numerous off-road vehicles and SUVs also belong to this category.

SUV: a minivan is a small or large car with a minimum differentiation between passenger compartment and trunk. In fact, it offers maximum versatility by letting you choose whether to use all or a large part of the space for passengers or, by retracting the seats, becoming a comfortable van. Another feature is the greater total height compared to other types of cars. In summary, these are vehicles intended for the transport of passengers and their luggage or goods in a single compartment. The number of seats varies from 5 to 9. Station wagon: the bodywork of this type of car generally derives from the corresponding sedan model and is characterized by an elongated profile in the rear part due to the continuation of the roof up to the rear hatch. It is always 4-door and 5-seater with a tailgate.

Coupe: it is a type of car with a sporty tone, characterized by a very aerodynamic line, with two doors and generally two seats. Some may also have 2 rear seats but very uncomfortable for access and limited in space.

Convertible: these kind of cars have the characteristic of being able to be discovered during the summer. In fact, they have a removable canvas or other material roof that can be folded back manually or automatically with a motorized system. Other terms to define them are convertibles or convertibles.

Power and speed: when we talk about power we refer to the horsepower (CV) or Kilowatt (Kw) that an engine is capable of delivering. Certainly this is not the only factor that affects the speed and shooting performance of a car. The weight, the aerodynamic penetration coefficient, the gear ratios and how the power is delivered also count a lot.

consumption: the fuel consumption of each car can vary greatly depending on the driving style, the road routes and the traffic conditions on the roads. There are also cars that with various devices manage to consume less than others with similar mass and dimensions for the same displacement and with equal or greater power. Each motorist can simply test the consumption of his car by filling it up and resetting the trip odometer. At the next fill, just check the quantity necessary to refill the tank and divide the kilometers traveled marked by the partial odometer by the number of liters and decimals entered in the tank.

Car sale

The engine sector and in particular that relating to the sale of cars and motorbikes online has also been expanding on the net as regards the sale of vehicles and accessories.

There are services that allow you to choose your car or motorbike directly online with home delivery or collection from an affiliated dealer in your area.

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Many proposals also for all related accessories including tires at bargain prices. The sale of used cars and motorcycles has also spread on the internet.

The used cars of private individuals fueled by natural gas and LPG have particularly experienced a remarkable development in periods of high fuel prices in which the price of used cars on petrol and diesel is in sharp decline.

German used car sales are rich in all the adverts on used car sites but among them there are also announcements of new car offers and zero kilometer cars.

The semi-annual car sale can be for many an occasion to buy a new car as in some cases among this type of used vehicles include imported cars and off-road vehicles offered at a much lower price than the list price.

The used car evaluation is mainly carried out taking into account how old the car is and how many kilometers it has traveled, as well as the good state of aesthetic and functional conservation.

There are also discounted cars running on LPG or natural gas and this is done in the used but also in the new one where manufacturers have started to market hybrid versions of the same car, which are well-equipped and offered at no extra charge.

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