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Guide to online electronic stores with offers of digital cameras, cell phones, appliances, LCD plasma televisions, personal computers, cell phones, digital cameras, appliances, air conditioners, satellite navigators and other consumer electronics of the best brands.

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Buying consumer electronics online in home appliance stores that also sell audio video electronics is generally very affordable as you can get big savings.

The driving sectors of this market are above all those related to mobile telephony, with the continuous succession of new offers and models of mobile phones, digital photography which, having reached the levels of film for image quality, in many cases also exceeded them, reaching results up to recently unthinkable.

Taking photos with digital cameras has the undoubted advantage of being able to take more photos without the fear of waste since every shot can be deleted if you don't like it.

In addition, digital photography goes hand in hand with information technology, allowing the storage and photo retouching of photos with increasingly sophisticated programs via PC.

The comparison of digital cameras essentially concerns two large and varied groups of cameras: that of digital SLR cameras and that of compact digital cameras.

SLR cameras are the most expensive and have the ability to change lenses while the compact cameras are small, light and inexpensive.

The purchase of mobile phones must take into account the characteristics of the new umts mobile phones which bring together more and more functions.

Buying a GPS mobile phone can eliminate the need to purchase a separate navigator by choosing from the models of mobile phones that have integrated this function, possibly with the road maps already installed.

Cellular opportunities are not lacking as each new model that comes out quickly drops the price of the old models which makes it attractive to buy without having to replace the cellular batteries of the model in our possession.

The sale of computers and PC hardware online also achieves substantial savings on notebooks or laptops whose prices have fallen making them a valid alternative to the more bulky desktop computers.

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The audio video sector also had a significant boost with the spread of flat screens and home theater systems, those to be understood, which allow you to recreate a real cinema in your home environment, complete with a dolby digital audio effect capable of giving spectators an increasingly enveloping and realistic sound.

TV screens have made great strides and today high definition LCD televisions are on sale, ideal for taking full advantage of the higher quality of digital TV.

Home theater and stereo systems improve the vision of a DVD movie, with excellent listening to audio and music in general.

This pushes the market towards ever larger screens to recreate the cinema effect at home.

Large and small appliances can make every home more complete and functional, from microwave ovens to air conditioners of various brands and power.

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