La Paz (Mexico): what to see and do


What to see and do in La Paz, in the city of Mexico with beautiful beaches, very suitable for lovers of the sea and diving, ideal for beach holidays.

Tourist information

In the state of Southern Baja California, included in the southern part of the peninsula, there is La Paz, the capital of this state of Mexico, located at the foot of the Sierra de la Laguna and protected by a vast bay lined with beautiful beaches.

The area where La Paz stands was occupied in 1535 by the conqueror Hernan Cortéz, but the foundation of the city dates back to 1720 when the Mission of Our Lady of La Paz was built.

Today La Paz, in addition to being the capital of the state, is an important tourist center known internationally, a privileged destination for holidays in Mexico for lovers of deep sea fishing and scuba diving.

A rich marine fauna populates the waters of its sea, once famous for the abundance of pearls in its seabed, until the arrival of an unknown disease that caused the extinction of the oysters.

What to do

Its coast invites to pleasant walks, you can make splendid boat trips to the islands of Espiritu Santu and Cerralvo.

The most beautiful beaches are north of the town and among these the beaches of Pichilingue, Balandra and El Tecolote stand out.

What see

In the city center, it is interesting to visit the Baja California Sur Anthropological Museum.

WHY to go to LA PAZ, Mexico?!? (May 2021)

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