Montana (United States): what to see among mountain landscapes


What to see in Montana, attractions and places to visit in a state with spectacular mountain landscapes, between valleys and numerous massifs.

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Montana falls under the confederation of the United States of America and is one of the largest states. Montana is bordered by Canada for a few hundred kilometers to the north, North Dakota to the east, Wyoming and South Dakota to the south and Idaho to the south west.

From north to south there are numerous massifs including the Madison Range, Gravelly Range, the Gallatin Range, the Big Belt Mountains, the Tobacco Roots, the Bridger Mountains, the Beartooth Mountains and the Absaroka Mountains which make up the largest plateau in the United States. above the three thousand meters of altitude where there is the Granite Peak which, with its almost four thousand meters, represents the highest mountain in Montana.

Many valleys, with spectacular landscapes that open between one massif and another, exploited for agriculture mainly thanks to the rivers very rich in water. Some are also valued for tourism and among these it is worth mentioning Bitterroot Valley, Big Hole Valley, Flathead Valley and Gallatin Valley.

If you move east you pass through the Great Plains region in the midst of a flat landscape interrupted here and there by the Island ranges, which are isolated massifs, and by badlands, which are particular stretches of land eroded by the flowing water.

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The splits of the Missouri or Missouri Breaks, are steep depressions covered with badlands that characterize part of the territory going from the central part of the state towards the north.

Some rivers are very rich in fish and therefore ideal for fishing, while others, having huge water flows, are used to meet the water needs of this state as well as to produce electricity.

Clark Fork is the richest water river followed by Flathead and Kootenai. In addition to large rivers, there are also major lakes such as Flathead which is the largest freshwater lake in the US located west of the Great Lakes region.

Also part of Montana are Glacier National Park, which represents a part of Yellowstone National Park, and the National Bison Range, a large reserve designed to protect the American bison breed.

There are also some Indian reservations where the Cheyenne and Blackfoot tribes are present.

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