Old Testament Bible: First Testimonies Word of God


All the Old Testament bible books written during the first ten centuries before the coming of Christ came to us through handed down copies.

Old Testament Bible Books

The first dawn of the testimonies handed down over the centuries on facts concerning the Word of God.

They were written during the first ten centuries before the coming of Christ.

The Old Testament of the Holy Bible represents the first collection of testimonies handed down on the Word of God.

The books that are part of it were written over a very long period including the whole first millennium BC.

Over the centuries no original has come to us, only many copies.

All the books of the Old Testament were written, with the exception of some in Aramaic, in Hebrew.

Some Jews who emigrated to Alexandria in Egypt translated them into Greek, their new language.

It was precisely the version translated into Greek that was used by the first Christian generations, as Christianity initially spread mainly in Greek-speaking circles, but not for this the first Christians were unaware that the original form in Hebrew also existed .

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