Pan American Games: ahead of the Olympics


The Pan-American games are considered by many athletes as a test on the sports preparation achieved in view of the Olympics that will take place the following year.

The sporting event of the Pan-American games

These types of games occupy the second place in the world after the Olympic games and constitute the most important sporting event in terms of the number of participating American athletes.

They are organized like the Olympics every 4 years and collect competitions of various sports.

Among the most represented sports there are some typically Latin American in character, including the Basque ball, a game derived from the volleyball with different specialties practiced in different countries where it is most widespread.

It is played in two teams, throwing a ball, called pelota, against a wall.

For many American athletes participating in the Olympics the following year, they are considered a real test on the level of sports preparation achieved.

Shooting practice ahead of the Pan Am games (August 2022)

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