Portoroz (Slovenia): what to see between sea and spa


What to see in Portoroz, where this famous Slovenian town is located with a list of the main places of interest, including the salt marshes, the casino and the beaches.

Tourist information

A few kilometers from the border with Croatia and 40 km from Trieste is Portorož, a town in Slovenia located in a bay on the Adriatic coast in the municipality of Piran.

The city, a well-known seaside and thermal center, has a long history, since the thirteenth century the Benedictine monks of the Convent of San Lorenzo treated rheumatic and skin diseases, obesity and swelling, with sea water, mud and mother water from the neighbors salt marshes of Strunjan and Sicciole, recently become a protected natural park.

The spa tradition of Portorož also continued during the Habsburg domination, as it was one of the places frequented by the monarchs of the Habsburg Empire.

What see

The natural environment offers the opportunity to make interesting excursions, including that to the Saline di Sicciole and the Strunjan area, a park that hosts many species of birds and vegetables, crossed by easily passable paths and cycle paths.

In the Saline museum there is an exhibition that illustrates the techniques of processing and extraction of salt.

In the hinterland lie gentle hills with small villages surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

A popular holiday resort for its promenade and beautiful beach, Portorož offers a good tourist welcome, with hotels and restaurants, shops, sports centers and spas.

There is also a Casino and a marina suitable for small and medium-sized boats.

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