Prague Castle: what to see in the fortress of the Bohemian city


What to see in Prague Castle, an ancient fortress that is one of the main buildings of this type in the world, a long history that dates back to the 19th century and sees over time different architectural styles overlapping that testify to the various historical periods and cultures that have followed over time.

Tourist information

The first courtyard dates back to the Habsburg period, the project was entrusted by Maria Teresa of Austria to the architect Pacassi, while the works were carried out under the careful supervision of Carlo Lurago.

Above the pillars of the access gate are the Gigantomachie, sculptures composed of copies of works attributed to Platzer the Elder, dated 1700.

Proceeding through the seventeenth-century Porta Mattia, you have access to the second courtyard, characterized by a beautiful seventeenth-century baroque fountain with sculptures by H. Kohl.

The Fontana dei Leoni is an annex from the second half of the sixties of the twentieth century.

What see

In the building located at the north-western corner of the courtyard, there is the castle gallery, where paintings belonging to the Rudolfina gallery and that of Ferdinando II are exhibited.

These works include important works by local and European artists.

Among the most significant, Jacopo Robusti, better known as Tintoretto, Tiziano Vecellio, Brandi and Rubens, deserve to be remembered.

In the opposite part of the courtyard, stands the chapel of Santa Croce, a splendid eighteenth-century construction by A. Lurago, which houses the Treasure Room of the Cathedral where the Treasure of San Vito is kept, to admire the various ornaments and sacred furnishings, collections of objects precious and painted on the walls, as well as sculptures of various kinds.

The third courtyard hosts the central core of the Castle, the buildings that make up the Cathedral of San Vito, the ancient provost and the royal palace.

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