Psalm 2: complete, commentary


CommentThe author of Psalm 2, flooded with faith in God, highlights the errors and attitudes of an absurd struggle against God carried out by the powerful of the earth and by those who follow them foolishly.

Psalm 2 complete

[1] Why do people conspire because they conspire peoples in vain?

[2] The kings of the earth rise up and the princes join together against the Lord and his Messiah:

[3] "We break their chains, we throw away their bonds."

[4] Whoever inhabits the heavens laughs, the Lord taunts them from above.

[5] He speaks to them in anger, he frightens them in his indignation:

[6] "I made him my sovereign over Zion my holy mountain."

[7] I will announce the decree of the Lord. He said to me: “You are my son, I begot you today.

[8] Ask me, I will give you the nations and dominion the ends of the earth.

[9] You will break them with an iron scepter, like clay pots you will crush them. "

[10] And now, sovereigns, be wise and educate yourselves, judges of the earth;

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[11] serve God with fear and trembling in exultation;

[12] that he will not be angry and you will lose your way. Sudden his anger flares up. Blessed is he who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 2 • God's Choice for Messiah and King (April 2024)

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