Psalm 60: complete, commentary


CommentPsalm 60 was written after the invasion of Sennàcherib, when a part of the army of Israel managed to escape the Assyrians. In addition, Sennacherib withdrew precipitously from the siege of Jerusalem and this was taken as a sign of the future recovery.

Psalm 60 complete

[1] To the choir master. On "Lily of the precept". Miktam. Di Davide. To teach.

[2] When he went out against the Arameans of the Valley of the two rivers and against the Arameans of Soba, and when Joab, on his return, defeated the Idumeans in the Salt Valley: twelve thousand men.

[3] God, you have rejected us, you have scattered us; you got angry: go back to us.

[4] You shook the earth, you ripped it open, it heals its fractures, because it collapses.

[5] You have inflicted severe trials on your people, you have made us drink wine with vertigo.

[6] You gave a signal to your faithful to flee away from the arches.

[7] So that your friends are freed, save us with your right hand and answer us.

[8] God spoke in his temple: “I exult and divide Shechem, I measure the valley of Succot.

[9] Gilead is mine, Manasseh is mine, Ephraim is the defense of my head, Judas is the scepter of my command.

[10] Moab is the basin for washing me, on Idumea I will throw my sandals, on Philistea I will sing victory ".

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[11] Who will lead me to the fortified city, who can guide me to Idumea?

[12] Have you not, O God, who rejected us, and no longer go out, O God, with our hosts?

[13] In oppression come to our aid because the salvation of man is vain.

[14] With God we will do wonders: he will trample on our enemies.

060 Treasury of David - Psalms 60 by Charles Spurgeon (May 2021)

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