Psalm 93: complete, commentary


CommentIn Psalm 93, the kingship of God is celebrated on the whole earth, nothing escapes him and his plan of salvation is well established. In the turmoil of empires against Israel, the Lord intervenes with the power of a warrior king dressed in shining armor. Rivers and seas will never submerge the earth because the cosmic order established by God cannot be altered, moreover the peoples will not be able to make the plan of salvation marked by God in the history of humanity vain.

Psalm 93 complete

[1] The Lord reigns, cloaks himself with splendor; the Lord dresses himself, girds himself with strength; makes the world firm, it will never be shaken.

[2] Balance is your throne from the beginning, you have always been.

[3] Raise the rivers, Lord, raise the rivers their voices, raise the rivers their roar.

[4] But more powerful than the voices of great waters, more powerful than the waves of the sea, powerful is the Lord above.

[5] Worthy of faith are your teachings, holiness befits your home for the duration of days, Lord.

Psalm #93: Our Sovereign God (June 2021)

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