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Senegal tourist information, including all the useful things to know before leaving for a trip or vacation in this state of Africa.

Senegal in short

  • Capital: Dakar
  • Area in sq km: 196,192
  • Population: 12,534,228 (2009)
  • Religion: 92% Muslims, 6% Christians (majority Catholics), 2% animists

Where is it

Senegal flag The Republic of Senegal is a state of West Africa, bordered to the north by Mauritania, to the east with Mali, to the south with Guinea and Guinea Bissau, to the west is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Along the coast, the continuity of the Senegalese territory is interrupted by the state of Gambia, which forms an enclave within Senegal.

The islands of Cape Verde are located about 600 km off the Senegalese coast.

Senegal is made up of an extensive plain that rises slightly in the southeastern end of its territory.


Senegal's main rivers are the Senegal River, which marks the border with Mauritania, Casamance and Gambia, tributaries of the Atlantic Ocean.


Senegal's climate is tropical, hot throughout the year with a wet and dry season.

The dry season corresponds to the period from mid-November to May.

In June in the south and in July in the central part of Senegal the rains arrive, often thundershowers, which decrease proceeding from south to north.

In particular, the north of the country, which is part of the Sahel belt, is affected by a shorter and sometimes almost non-existent rainy season.


Senegal's population is made up of various ethnic groups.

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The main ethnic group is that of Wolof, scattered throughout the country, but mainly in the western part of the area between the Senegal River in the north, and the Gambia River in the south.

Other important ethnic groups are the sereer and the peul.

Time zone

The time difference in Senegal is 1 hour behind Italy. 2 hours behind when daylight saving time is in effect in Italy.

Spoken language

The official language of Senegal is French, in addition to 6 national languages: wolof, pulaar, sereer, mandinka, joola, soninké.


Senegal has a more developed economy than other neighboring countries.

Foreign investments, especially French, have contributed to the growth of modern sectors of the economy, but have failed to improve the living conditions of the population, which largely lives below the poverty line, linked to agriculture based on farming techniques. rudimentary processing and conditioned by climatic variations.

When to go

The best time to visit Senegal is from November to March, during the dry season.

Requested documents

To enter Senegal, Italian citizens need a passport with a residual validity of at least 6 months. An entry visa is not required for a stay of less than 90 days.


- The international prefix for calling from Italy to Senegal is: 00221

- The international prefix for calling from Senegal to Italy is: 0039

The GSM 900/1800 cellular network is active in the main centers of the country. In the tourist places there are centers for telephony and internet equipped with telephone booths and computers.


The electric current in Senegal is 220V / 50 Hz. Sockets of various types. Power adapter is required.

Money and credit card

The official currency of Senegal is the CFA franc. In the main cities there are banks with ATMs where you can make cash withdrawals. As for credit cards, they are accepted only in large hotels.

In the event that you have a sum greater than 500,000 CFA (approx. 762 EURO), a written declaration is required at the time of entry and exit from the country, indicating the value of all our financial means.

On exit, the incoming currency declaration or the purchase order of currency issued during the stay in Senegal by an authorized Credit Institute is required.

The export of local currency is prohibited.

How to get

Alitalia and Meridiana fly connect Italy to Senegal with direct flights.

The flag carrier Air Senegal International does not organize direct flights from Italy to Senegal, but offers flights from other European countries.

From Italy with Air France, Iberia and Tap Air Portugal it is possible to reach Senegal by making a stopover in Europe. With Royal air Maroc it is necessary to call in Morocco.


To enter Senegal, vaccination against yellow fever is not mandatory, it is required only from travelers from infected areas.

Vaccination is however recommended as it is a risk area.

Other recommended vaccinations are (always after medical consultation): antimalarial prophylaxis, antitifica, anti hepatitis A and B, tetanus.

It is also advisable to follow some hygienic measures, drink only bottled water without adding ice, eat only cooked meats and vegetables, fruit only if peeled personally.

Before departure, it is recommended to take out health insurance that covers medical costs and a possible repatriation.

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