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Hapag lloyd express or Hlx has been integrated into the Tuifly airline since January 2007. Also known under the name Hlx it was an airline headquartered in Hanover in Germany.

General information Tuifly

Founded in 2002, Hlx is a company affiliated with Tui Ag, for pricing policy it has always distinguished itself from the outset for economy.

In fact, using a price system in force also in other competing companies, for each flight a certain number of low cost tickets was made available while the remaining part of the tickets still available was sold at a higher but almost always lower price than many other airlines for this reason always remain a typical amount of low cost flights.

The HLX was en route to 20 destinations in seven European states from the airports of Cologne-Bonn, Hanover, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

The company used 15 airplanes (mainly Boeing 737) and all flights were performed by the companies Hapag-Lloyd Flug (also belonging to TUI SPA) and Germany (a charter flight company).

In tests carried out by sector magazines, he scored well.

By 2007, the Hapag-Lloyd Express will be progressively integrated with Hapagfly and the two companies belonging to Tui Ag will fly with the only new TuiFly brand, always maintaining the low cost flight service on the main German and European routes to Germany.

In Italy, flights from the airports of Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Milan, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Pisa, Rimini, Rome and Venice. The Hapag Lloyd airports ( are located in areas close to the 6 main agglomerations of Cologne / Bonn, Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich. On numerous connections, Tuifly is the most advantageous low cost airline.

Suffice it to say that in 2004 with the name HLX it flew 2.7 million passengers. This airline combines tradition, experience and safety with an innovative and convincing concept: with Hapag-Lloyd Express, flying becomes as simple as taking a taxi and prices start from 19.99 Euros per person and one way, including airport taxes.

Every week, starting from 18:00 on Tuesday until 24:00 on Wednesday, there is the Happy HLX Hours, during which the greatest amount of offers are made available for low-cost flight reservations.

In addition, even outside of Happy HLX Hours, customers will be able to find the best offers of the moment in the "Schnäppchenfluge" section dedicated to flights at bargain prices.

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Here are the most sold destinations

- Flight Milan Malpensa - Hannower
- Flight Milan Malpensa - Stuttgart
- Flight Olbia - Stuttgart
- Flight Olbia - Monaco
- Flight Olbia - Cologne Bonn
- Flight Olbia - Hannover
- Flight Bari - Munich
- Flight Bari - Cologne Bonn
- Flight Venice - Berlin Tegel
- Flight Venice - Stuttgart
- Flight Venice - Dusseldorf
- Flight Pisa - Hannover
- Flight Pisa - Stuttgart
- Flight Cagliari - Monaco
- Flight Cagliari - Stuttgart
- Flight Cagliari - Cologne Bonn
- Flight Catania - Munich
- Flight Catania - Stuttgart
- Flight Catania - Cologne Bonn
- Flight Genoa - Cologne Bonn
- Flight Genoa - Stuttgart
- Flight Genoa - Munich
- Flight Naples - Hanover
- Flight Naples - Cologne Bonn
- Flight Naples - Stuttgart
- Flight Naples - Munich
- Flight Palermo - Hannover
- Flight Palermo - Cologne Bonn
- Flight Palermo - Stuttgart
- Flight Palermo - Monaco
- Flight Pisa - Hannover
- Flight Pisa - Cologne / Bonn
- Flight Pisa - Stuttgart
- Flight Pisa - Munich
- Flight Rimini - Cologne Bonn
- Flight Rome / Ciampino - Hannover

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