Why do leaves fall from trees in autumn?


How the leaves fall from the trees at the onset of the autumn season, what triggered this process and how it unfolds.

When the leaves fall

As soon as the soil temperature drops below certain limits, the absorption of water by the root gradually decreases, until it completely ceases, and if the leaves continue to breathe the plant would dry out.

The substances hitherto contained in the leaves descend by means of the petioles, accumulating in the innermost layers of the bark or stem.

From this moment on, the leaves, now become useless, begin to fall, a peculiarity of this process is that the plant makes it form like a scar at the base of the petiole, so that it does not remain an uncovered wound after the leaf has come off , which would cause serious damage to the plant during the winter season.

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Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves In Autumn Season? (July 2022)

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