Aosta Valley: what to see in 3 days


What to see in Aosta Valley, a three-day itinerary to discover its valleys, villages, castles and all the naturalistic beauties that distinguish this region.

Tourist information

The Aosta Valley region is a popular holiday destination for tourism, both for its cultural and naturalistic aspects.

Aosta Valley is a region of northern Italy, bordering on Switzerland, France and Piedmont.

It is an autonomous region with a special statute and its capital and only province is Aosta.

The territory of Valle d'Aosta coincides with a central valley formed by the Dora Baltea in which various lateral valleys converge in a herringbone pattern in the middle of the highest peaks in Italy and Europe, among which Mont Blanc stands out (4807 m), Monte Rosa (4634 m) and Gran Paradiso (4061 m), peaks shared with neighboring states and regions.

Within the region rise bold reliefs such as the Becca di Luseney (3504 m), the Emilius (3559 m), which dominates Aosta, the Tersiva peak (3513 m), and La Grivola (3969 m).

What see

The Aosta Valley has a rich environmental heritage protected by protected areas, one of which is the Gran Paradiso National Park among the first in Italy, an excellent destination for tourism and trekking excursions in the Aosta Valley for the particularity of the its fauna and flora.

The other natural park is that of Mont Avic, which extends around the valley of the Chalamy stream.

In the Aosta Valley, the high mountains retain all the beauty of their original appearance and respect for nature has been preserved over time.

There are many castles that guard the valleys, characterizing this small and beautiful Italian region, whose capital and only province is Aosta.

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