April 20: saint of the day, name day


The saint of April 20 is Saint Sara of Antioch, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saint Sara of Antioch

Sarah of Antioch, born in Antioch on an indefinite date and died in the same city around April 20, 305, had to suffer martyrdom because of her unshakable Christian faith.

According to what was written in an ancient liturgical document, it seems that Sarah of Antioch was the wife of a high officer of the emperor Diocletian, who traveled to reach Alexandria in Egypt with the aim of having her children baptized, an operation that went against the will of her husband and emperor.

Her husband, in fact, despite being a Christian, had for fear renounced his faith, but Sara, with firm determination, had refused to give it up again.

While sailing at sea, a storm breaks out and the danger of a disastrous shipwreck occurs.

With all her heart Sara wants to save at least the soul of her children, for this she is slightly injured in the chest, to mark a cross with her own blood on the forehead of the children.

Having done this, he immerses them three times in the waters of the sea, invoking upon them the three persons of the Holy Trinity.

The storm then subsides and Sara, once landed in Antioch, rushes to the bishop while he is baptizing other children in the Cathedral.

But getting his children baptized also seems impossible, in fact every time they get close, the water from the baptismal font freezes.

The bishop then asks for explanations and Sara tells him about the rite she performed at sea, comforting herself with the insurance received from the major prelate regarding the validity of the baptism she administered which, for this reason, does not need to be repeated.

Once back home, Sara decides to tell what happened to her husband, hoping for his conversion.

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On the contrary, the spouse immediately goes to report it to the emperor who, furious with anger, orders the death sentence for mother and children.

Other saints and celebrations on April 20

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  • Saint Anastasio of Antioch
  • Bishop and martyr

  • Blessed Anastasio Giacomo (Anastazy Jakub) Pankiewicz
  • Priest and martyr

  • Sant'Aniceto
  • Pope

  • Blessed Antonio Page
  • Martyr

  • Blessed Chiara Bosatta
  • Virgin

  • Blessed Domenico Vernagalli
  • Confessor

  • Sant 'Eliena (Eilena, Elena) by Laurino
  • lonely

  • Blessed Francesco Page
  • Jesuit, martyr

  • Blessed Geraldo de Salis
  • Blessed Giacomo Bell and Giovanni Finch
  • Martyrs

  • San Marcellino d’Embrun
  • Bishop

  • San Marciano di Auxerre
  • Monk

  • Blessed Maurizio Mac Kenraghty
  • Priest and martyr

  • Blessed Riccardo Sargeant and Guglielmo Thomson
  • Martyrs

  • Blessed Roberto Watkinson
  • Priest, martyr

  • San Secondino of Cordoba
  • Martyr

  • Blessed Simon of Todi
  • Saints Sulpicius and Servitian
  • Martyrs

  • San Teodoro Trichinas
  • Monk

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