Broom aces: how to play


How to play board broom, differences with the classic broom and what it means to do a Neapolitan, course, score and rules of the game.


The broom can be played in two or four people.

In the second case, two pairs will form and the components of each pair will sit opposite each other.


For the purposes of scoring, the biggest difference between a broom and a classic broom is to collect all the cards of gold (money or diamonds), starting from the ace to the king.

This is called in jargon "making napola" or "napoletana".

At the end of the game each card of money or diamonds is worth one point.

In order for the "napola" to have value it is fundamental that there are the ace, the 2 and the 3, in this case the napola is worth 3 points, since a complete straight from the four upwards has no value if only the ace is missing, or only two, or only three.

With this in mind, napola can give a minimum of 3 points and a maximum of 10, depending on how many money or square cards are in the deck.

The settebello, or 7 of money or diamonds, is worth one point.

Even the broom is done in the classic way, that is, taking with one of the cards in your hand, all those that are on the table.

Always equal to the classic broom is the assignment of a point to those who collected during the game at least six golds and also to those who have at least twenty-one cards.

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If the golds and cards are equally divided among the opponents, it will be said that they "skated" or went even. The point is therefore not awarded.


The main difference between the classic broom and the aces broom lies in the value and function that are given to the ace.

With the ace you can take everything on the table, provided that an ace is not already on it, then you just have to take that, or you can decide to hold the ace and play it in a best time, when for example we want to prevent the opponent from making a broom.

When an ace is played it can be verified that there is only an ace on the table and then you take the ace and make a broom, while if there are no aces on the table and with our ace we take all the cards, this trick is not considered as a broom.

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