Cesenatico (Emilia Romagna): what to see


What to see in Cesenatico, itinerary including the main places of interest, including Piazza Pisacane, Pescheria, Piazzetta delle conserve, Torre Pretoria and the Maritime Museum.

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A small town and well-known seaside resort on the Romagna coast, Cesenatico stands out for its characteristic canal port dating back to the sixteenth century, commissioned by Cesare Borgia, known as Valentino, and designed by Leonardo Da Vinci on the basis of an existing canal port.

Near the canal there are the most significant places of Cesenatico, among them the main square dedicated to Carlo Pisacane, with the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, erected in 1884 in memory of his passage, the nineteenth-century municipal fish market, still active, and the Piazzetta delle Conserve, where the fish was kept in alternating layers of snow and ice, in wall structures dug well in the ground and well insulated to prevent the entry of hot air inside.

In Piazza Ciceruacchio the brick perimeter of the base of the Torre Pretoria was found, built in 1597 against pirate attacks and destroyed in 1809 by the English naval fleet.

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Near the lighthouse there are the imposing Vinciane Gates, which defend the town from the storms, a modern defense system inspired by Leonardo's models.

In the most picturesque part of Porto Canale there is the Maritime Museum, which develops partly on the water, where you can admire the historic boats of the middle and upper Adriatic, and partly inside a pavilion dedicated to the traditional navy always of the high and middle Adriatic.

In addition there are also three boats kept operational to preserve the heritage of ancient sailing practices.

During the Christmas period, the boats in the floating section of the museum act as a backdrop for a suggestive nativity scene made up of life-size statues.

A representation to admire especially in the evening, when the illuminated boats are reflected in the sea.

The town offers a long coast of fine sand equipped with bathing establishments, as well as valid hotel facilities, in a welcoming environment with a rich gastronomic tradition.

Cesenatico - Emilia Romagna - Italy (November 2021)

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