Figarolo (Sardinia): how to get to the island


How to get to the island of Figarolo, part of the Golfo Aranci nature reserve in Sardinia and immersed in an uncontaminated natural environment, with a clear sea populated by many species of fish.

Tourist information

The islet of Figarolo is located in the north east of Sardinia and is part of the Golfo Aranci nature reserve.

It has an almost conical shape and a maximum height of 139 meters above sea level.

The name of the island of Figarolo derives from the presence of the lush fig trees.

As far as the territory is concerned, it is made up of a pyramid-shaped limestone plateau of Mesozoic origin and is inhabited by particular species of flora and fauna.

The luxuriant Mediterranean maquis that characterizes the landscape is mainly composed of olive, myrtle and holm oaks.

On the island of Figarolo live animal species such as the mouflon, a type of goat with curved horns, and some varieties of birds including seagulls, shearwater, buzzards and imperial crow.

Some archaeological finds of Phoenician origin would demonstrate that the island was an ancient landing point along the route between Olbia and Tuscany.

Figarolo beach is characterized by the beautiful sea where numerous varieties of fish live undisturbed, including starfish, hedgehogs, sponges and sea fans.

How to get

The island of Figarolo can only be reached by boat and it is possible to dock only on the beach of the same name.

Una giornata di ordinaria bellezza a Figarolo (January 2023)

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