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Tourist itineraries holidays in France, where to go and offers travel to visit interesting cities and regions, sea, mountain ranges, art and culture.

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For those coming from Italy, France is an easily accessible country also by car, a popular tourist destination for this and for other reasons, varied landscapes, art and culture, wines and excellent cuisine are factors renowned all over the world.

The capital Paris, Lourdes, the French Riviera, Normandy or the Pyrenees are some of the places of interest that make it a suitable destination for any type of holiday.

Paris, visit Montmartre, stroll among the soft lights of the small premises of the Latin Quarter, see the panorama of the city from the Eiffel Tower. Paris has a rich heritage of museums, starting with the Louvre, monuments, churches and characteristic neighborhoods.

Nice, where to walk the beautiful promenade des Promenade des Anglais or enjoy the magnificent view from the Castle.

Lyon, visit the Renaissance district Vieux Lyon and the two Roman amphitheatres where rock concerts are periodically held.

Bordeaux, nicknamed in the past with the name of sleeping beauty, being a very quiet city, today it has become a thriving tourist destination for wine lovers, very lively both day and night.

Bayeux, a city located in the north of France, famous for the tapestry museum where the tapestry representing the Norman conquest in the eleventh century is exhibited. To visit the cathedral, where from the tower you can admire a suggestive surrounding panorama.

Lourdes, a place of Marian faith and a destination for religious pilgrimages to the cave and the sanctuary, is located on the slopes of the Pyrenees, offering the opportunity also for healthy walks in the mountains.

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