Proverbs about the family: popular sayings and maxims


Popular sayings, maxims and proverbs about the family to read and share as an exaltation of this important value to be rediscovered and appreciated.

Family maxims

- The family is the homeland of the heart. (G. Mazzini)

- Not even the wisest of judges can judge a quarrel between relatives.

- The family is a link with our past and a bridge to our future. (A. Haley)

- Dirty clothes are washed in the family.

- A child is God's opinion that the world must go on. (C. Sandurg)

- A united family is always more numerous than a divided family.

- Perhaps the greatest social service that anyone in the country and humanity can do is to form a family. (G. B. Shaw)

- In the home of a happy family, simple ceramic dishes shine more than jade.

Sayings about the family

- All happy families look alike to each other. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. (Lev Tolstoj)

- It is neither the flesh nor the blood but the heart which makes us fathers and children. (J. Schiller)

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- A family that has an elderly person with it has with it the most beautiful of ornaments and the most precious of treasures.

- The family is the first place where you learn to listen, to share, to endure, to respect, to help. (Pope francesco)

- When you look at your life, the greatest joys are those of the family. (J. Brothers)

- The unity of a family makes you happy.

- It is not you who chooses your family: it is a gift of God for you, just as you are for it. (D. Tutu)

- The rich find relatives even among strangers; the poor find strangers even among relatives.

Phrases about the family

- A man can be said to be truly rich if his children run into his arms even if his hands are empty. (Anonymous)

- The injury caused by a brother hurts more than that inflicted by an enemy.

- The family is the mirror in which God looks at himself, and sees the two most beautiful miracles he has done: giving life and giving love. (St. John Paul II)

- Perhaps the greatest social service that anyone in the country and humanity can do is to form a family. (George Bernard Shaw)

- True universal religion comes from women, rather than men, especially from mothers, who carry the key of our souls in their hearts. (O. Wendell Holmes)

- Whoever wants to live and be healthy, stay away from relatives.

- A mother is the truest friend we can have, even when difficulties come upon us, when bad luck takes the place of prosperity; still she will stand by us and make serenity return to our hearts. (W. Irving)

- When a father and son get along, the family does not crumble, when the brothers get along, the family does not separate.

- The family is the first place where the meaning of existence is understood. In a world where the values ​​of profit, wealth, pleasure prevail, the culture of hospitality aims to cultivate the values ​​of service and gift. (N. Galli)

- We would like to say about the family, and we would not want to be told.

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