How to eliminate ants naturally from the garden and from the house


There are many natural methods to eliminate annoying ants from our garden or from our home through natural substances and very simple tricks to implement.

Remove the ants

It is especially with the arrival of spring that the annoying recurrence of the return of some very annoying types of insects occurs, including ants.

We need to arm ourselves with a good dose of patience to find effective remedies, organizing in such a way as to avoid toxic substances to avoid dangers for our own health, for our loved ones or pets.

Ants are not harmful, indeed they are considered of vital importance for the environment in which we live, however they have an exploratory tendency pushed to excess that pushes them to take possession of an entire domestic environment or garden areas, it is necessary to this be careful and ensure that the situation is kept under control.

The purpose of this article is to provide indications to avoid the use of sprays harmful to humans, using only remedies that Mother Nature makes available to us, even if we often do not realize it.

First, once the effective invasive presence of the ants in the house has been ascertained, it is necessary to find the precise access point that allows them to enter our home, this entrance hole is frequently located near doors or windows, to find it. it is useful to sprinkle the talcum powder area.

It must be realized that the cause for which the ants invaded the domestic environment could be an alarm signal for poor domestic hygiene that allowed them to find some food residues to eat.

Among the natural remedies to reduce or completely eliminate the invasion of ants there is that of lemon juice to be distributed, through a container with spray, near the thresholds of doors and window sills, the strong odor emanated generally proves very useful to make the annoying animals lose their orientation.

Other natural remedies are cinnamon powder and mint leaves, to be distributed as in the previous method.

Calcium carbonate is another effective deterrent to win the battle against ants, it is sufficient to evenly distribute the dust along the windowsill, doors, corners and walls, completing the perimeter of the room to be disinfected.

Alternatively, it is possible to use chalk, another very fine powder not tolerated by ants to be distributed in the form of fine lines in order to form continuous barriers capable of isolating insects.

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  • How to eliminate ants naturally from the garden and from the house

Even coffee grounds can be used to ward off ants, acting as a good repellent, as well as vinegar if scattered in the most difficult places, in particular near the nest and at any place of passage.

Finally, there is the natural method of the trap consisting of honey in jars, this product represents a bait for ants that, irrepressibly attracted by its smell, will enter the jar and remain stuck to the succulent beekeeping product.

As for the remedies to fight ants present in the garden, it is advisable to prepare a mixture based on baking soda, powdered sugar and brewer's yeast powder, to be sprinkled at critical points.

In detail, icing sugar lures them, while baking soda and beer yeast make them die.

How To Get Rid of Ants Naturally in Your House, Garden & Yard (February 2024)

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