How to make a simple tie to the tie


Instructions that explain how to make a simple tie to the tie, with a list of the various steps to obtain a perfect result, suitable for any height and length characteristics of the elegant clothing accessory.

Simple tie knot

The classic tie knot is the simple one, as it is easy to make yourself and suitable for any type of tie and shirt.

Ideal for every man, regardless of stature.

Conical and elongated, it allows for a shape of proportional size depending on the thickness of the tie used.

To do this, first of all you need to lift the collar of the shirt and button the last button, turning the tie on the front with both ends, on your right the widest part.

The ties are not all of equal length, it will be necessary for this to adjust the length of the tail (leg) with respect to the upper flap (leg), that is to say that of greater width, so that, at the end of the knot, the tie dangles up to just above the waistline.

Cross the leg on the leg below the neck, slide the first under the second, then bring the leg back on the leg and pass the first under the tie upwards, positioning the index finger in the knot under construction.

At this point, extract the index finger and let the leg enter the ring created in this way.

Holding the leg firmly, you must now gently pull the leg to narrow the ring, positioning it and pushing it, with the other hand, upwards until it covers the collar button.

Once the knot is finished, the leg must be hidden on the back, with the end of the leg at the edge of the pants.

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