March 3: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day March 3 is Santa Cunegonda, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Santa Cunegonda

The information collected on Santa Cunegonda derives its origin from disparate sources, mainly from chroniclers of the time and from a biography of the saint written after one hundred years after the death by a canon of Bamberg.

These news all agree that Cunegonda was educated since childhood as a Christian religion.

Just over twenty years of age she became the wife of the Duke of Bavaria, who became king of Germany in 1002 and, later, emperor in 1014.

Despite Cunegonda's inability to have children, Enrico did not want to repudiate her, since he recognized immense pity in her and was able to perceive the holiness that was in her.

For this reason, in 1002 in Paderborn, Cunegonda was crowned queen and in 1014 she received the imperial crown from Rome in the hands of Pope Benedict VIII together with her husband.

Encouraged by her husband, she built the Cathedral of Bamberg in 1007 and the Benedictine monastery of Kaufungen in 1021 where she retired to lead a monastic life when she was widowed.

Cunegonda's death occurred on March 3, 1033.

Other saints and celebrations of March 3

  • Sant’Anselmo di Nonantola
  • Abbot

  • St. Artellaide
  • Virgin

  • Santa Camilla of Auxerre
  • Virgin

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