Neapolitan cuisine: definition, ancient culinary tradition


What is meant by Neapolitan cuisine, the story of an ancient way of cooking that represents a refined culinary art exercised using typical ingredients with a genuine flavor.

Definition of Neapolitan cuisine

Neapolitan cuisine means the typical way of cooking of the Neapolitan tradition whose ancient roots date back to the Greco-Roman period.

Over time, the influence brought by the various dominations that involved the city has been decisive, but the imagination deriving from the great creativity of the Neapolitans in creating and cooking multiple recipes that have returned with great merit in the Neapolitan culinary tradition has always been unmistakable and characteristic. .

Neapolitan cuisine ingredients

Durum wheat semolina pasta is very popular in Neapolitan cuisine to make pasta that must always be served al dente and never overcooked especially if it must be sautéed later in the pan.

Even fresh tomato is a primary ingredient in many Neapolitan cooking recipes and among the various types it is worth mentioning the famous Sammarzano tomato.

Among the typical vegetables and vegetables there are the broccoli, the escarole smooth, the broccoli, the savoy cabbage, the soup vegetables, zucchini, salad, the puntarelle and the pucchiacchella.

There are also many dishes based on Campanian vegetables including eggplant parmigiana and stuffed peppers.

As for dairy cheeses, some Campania delicacies are represented by buffalo mozzarella and fresh ricotta.

Fish is also widely used, cooked in various ways, while meat is used much less.

There are also some characteristic types of bread, including peasant bread which, naturally leavened and wood-fired, is the most widely used.

Neapolitan pizza is certainly the most famous gastronomic product typical of Naples but also of all Campania cuisine.

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Traditional pizza, intended as the one covered with tomato sauce, has its origins in 1800, and the pizza margherita variant was created specifically for the Savoy queen.

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