Norway: what to see in the state of the fjords


What to see in Norway, attractions and places to visit in the state famous for its fjords, the capital Oslo and the cape of the North Cape.

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Visiting Norway is interesting from many points of view, the whole territory is rich in landscape and cultural beauties able to amaze every type of tourist, from the capital to the smaller minor centers, from the famous Norwegian fjords to the midnight sun.

Fjords are formations present in some parts of the coast, where the sea enters deep into the mountains.

The Geirangerfjord is an extraordinary landscape included in the UNESCO World Heritage List together with the Nær0yfjord.

The cruise in these places, due to the spectacular nature, is one of the classic routes of the Norwegian fjords.

Gateway to the fjords of Norway, the town of Bergen is located between the Sognefjord and the Hardangerfjord, from here the cruises to the north and the traditional coastal journey of the Hurtigruten, a ferry service that every day sails along the coast of the country, from Bergen to Kirknes, with stops at the village of Geiranger, inside the Geirangerfjord, and to the Lofeten and Honningsvag islands, located in front of the North Cape.

To visit the historic district of the city called Bryggen, made up of wooden houses where traders of the Hanseatic League lived between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites.

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North Cape is a rocky promontory located in the northern tip of the island Mageroya, known to be the northernmost point of the European continent, although in reality the northernmost point is located a little further west and corresponds to the Knivskjelloddenn promontory, reachable via a long dirt path.

In the North Cape there is a monument dedicated to the Children of the world, an information office, a souvenir shop and a post office are available inside a building.

There is also a giant screen for three-dimensional projections and an underground tunnel that leads to the Chapel of San Giovanni, the Thai museum and a bar.

Outside, on the top of the promontory, there is the Globe, which is considered the symbol of the North Cape.

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Oslo, Norway's capital and largest city, is located at the bottom of the North Sea fjord of the same name, surrounded by green hills dotted with lakes.

The heart of Oslo is formed by an immense green area, the Frognerparken, which includes the Vigelan Park, an open-air museum where you can admire Gustav Vigeland's sculptures.

Along the main street Karl Johans gate, which connects the central station to the new Royal Palace, overlook the most important historical buildings of the city, including the Cathedral of San Halvard, the Parliament Building and the National Theater.

The original nucleus of the city develops north of the Castle and the fourteenth-century Akershus Fortress.

The many museums of the city are very interesting, including the National Gallery, the Munch Museum, the Norwegian Folklore Museum and the Viking Ship Museum.

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