Phrases congratulations on the achievement


Congratulations aphorisms for the milestone achieved, concerning graduation, work done, promotion, sentences to congratulate you on a success, a new assignment or on the occasion of birth, exam, marriage, pregnancy or other.

Congratulations graduation

- Congratulations to the new Doctor! You have concluded an important path and we wish you success and great satisfaction. Affectionate wishes for a brilliant future.

- We have always believed in your potential, and now, with your Doctorate, we have confirmed it. With immense satisfaction and esteem, your family.

- You have finally reached your goal. We are sure that you will continue your beloved profession with enthusiasm and success. Congratulations for your degree.

- I heard that a new baby has arrived in your home. I guess you're so happy that you can't sleep. Sincere congratulations.

- I am proud of everything you have done and that you have graduated as well as for what you are as a person! Congratulations.

- With the hope that after graduation your future life will be studded only with satisfactions.

- With this your degree we begin to collect the satisfactions of many sacrifices. We are proud of you, mom and dad.

- Dear son, you are now a doctor, I hope you will be able to keep us all healthy, but remember ... no experiments on us! With pride, dad and mom.

- With our compliments and best wishes that you may have savored the academic success that made you graduate, only the first of the great joys that life can give us in all its facets.

- Today that you have graduated you are happy, I hope that your mood persists even in your career.

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- Your efforts will be rewarded tomorrow, happy birthday, but remember that culture offers itself, does not oppose, it is the great book of life that helps us make the right decision and you finally graduated after years of study. Very good.

- Today you had the great satisfaction of graduating, even if sacrificed by years of hard study, I congratulate you and wish you a long and brilliant career full of successes.

Congratulations birth

- Warm congratulations on the birth of your beautiful creature.

- The most lively and cordial congratulations for the happy event of the birth of your child.

- Ten tiny fingers that never stop playing, which, enraptured by great amazement, today they never tire of exploring. Ten tiny fingers that from the beginning of their days, stretch out anxious to touch tomorrow but never leave your heart. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

- Congratulations to two fantastic new parents. May the Lord guide you and always guide you.

Congratulations work

- I'm really happy for you. Nowadays that it is really difficult to find a job you made it like a true hero ... my warmest congratulations.

- I cheered and held my breath to the last but inside of me I knew you could make this new job. Congratulations you have been very good.

- Congratulations to a person who knows what he is doing ... for this being an arduous task but you did it by getting the job you wanted.

Congratulations marriage

- With this small gift we want to congratulate you to show the joy of finally seeing you happily ever after in the Sacred Bond of Marriage. From all of us with sincere affection.

- Congratulations on your choice to join the wedding ... let me know the wedding date as soon as possible so that I can organize myself to be able to be present at your wedding as I would really love it.

- May this day of great joy for you and all those who love you be only the beginning of a long experience dotted with splendid and unforgettable moments.

Congratulations pregnancy

- We have just heard the good news of your pregnancy that fills us with a lot of joy for you. Best wishes to you and your husband (or partner).

- Congratulations or congratulations are inadequate words to express our heartfelt participation in your joy to finally be expecting the much desired child.

- I am ready to bet that the arrival of this child will succeed in the undertaking in which no one had succeeded until now ... change your night owl habits. Congratulations and best wishes for pregnancy.

Congratulations promotion

- You never let anyone say it was impossible and you got the promotion you always hoped for and believed in. Warm congratulations.

- Your promotion did not surprise us at all as we knew within us that you would be able to make yourself stand out. Congratulations.

- We applaud you that you got the well-deserved promotion by going to your higher grade in your work. Our heartfelt congratulations.

Congratulations exam

- My compliments for passing this exam which confirms once again your excellent potential.

- You have passed this exam, the exams of life are many but every time you pass one you take a step forward on the path that prepares you to better face your future.

- Congratulations on passing this difficult exam. We thought about you a lot hoping that you would pass it but in reality knowing you we had no doubts because we knew in our hearts that you would make it.

Congratulations considerations

The graduation congratulatory phrases, to praise those who have reached this important milestone, wedding congratulatory phrases, for those who have decided to make their relationship a reality, congratulatory phrases work, to say to those who finally after a long wait have found stable employment in able to provide him with an income, phrases congratulations birth, to address to parents for the entry into their life of a new child, phrases congratulations promotion, to dedicate to those who deserved a promotion, phrases congratulations diploma, to pronounce to a new graduate , sentences congratulations maturity, for the achievement by a young man of this important title as an adult.

The congratulatory phrases are those used by those who want to express their complacency for something positive that has happened to others.

Each congratulatory phrase contains the sender's congratulation and can be used on many occasions.

For example, wedding congratulations are written or said to declare participation in this event to people who are subject to it, which also occurs in many other life events such as birth, graduation, promotion and work.

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