Psalm 16: complete, commentary


CommentThe psalmist author of Psalm 16 looks to God with a sense of peace being the Lord his refuge, despite the fact that his life is not without difficulties and enemies who use violence. He loves the saints and the righteous feeling in perfect communion with them and this gives him great strength against the wicked who pursue him by building idols, he is not dismayed because he has the certainty that his life is in the hands of the Almighty.

Psalm 16 complete

[1] Miktam. Di Davide. Protect me, O God: I take refuge in you.

[2] I said to God: "You are my Lord, without you I have no good."

[3] For the saints, who are on earth, noble men, it is all my love.

[4] Hurry others to build idols: I will not spread their libations of blood or pronounce their names with my lips.

[5] The Lord is my part of inheritance and my cup: my life is in your hands.

[6] For me fate has fallen on delightful places, my legacy is magnificent.

[7] I bless the Lord who has given me advice; even at night my heart teaches me.

[8] I always place the Lord before me, he is on my right, I cannot waver.

[9] My heart rejoices in this, my soul rejoices; even my body rests safe,

[10] because you will not abandon my life in the sepulcher, nor will you let your saint see corruption.

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[11] You will show me the path of life, full joy in your presence, endless sweetness on your right.

Psalm 16 • The Lord, My Portion and My Inheritance (April 2024)

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