Psalm 35: complete, commentary


CommentPsalm 35 opens with an invocation to the Lord to defend against the accusers against an innocent brought to court, an operation organized for the destruction of his morale. Although the reaction to the immense pain felt is very strong, this is omitted from the recitation of the prayer in Christ because it is polluted by thoughts of resentment towards the adversaries.

Psalm 35 complete

[1] Of David. Lord, judge who accuses me, fight those who fight me.

[2] Grab your shields and rise to my aid.

[3] The spear vibrates and the ax against those who pursue me, tell me: "I am your salvation".

[4] Let those who attack my life be confused and covered with ignominy; go back and be humiliated those who plot my misfortune.

[5] Let them be like chaff in the wind and the angel of the Lord will chase them;

[6] their road is dark and slippery when the angel of the Lord chases them.

[7] For without reason they made a net for me, without reason they dug a pit.

[8] Let the sudden storm catch them, catch the net they have tense, be overwhelmed by the storm.

[9] I will exult in the Lord for the joy of his salvation.

[10] All my bones say, "Who is like you, Lord, who frees the weak from the strongest, the poor and the poor from the predator?"

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[11] Violent witnesses arose, questioned me about what I did not know,

[12] they made me sick for good: a desolation for my life.

[13] I, when they were sick, dressed in sackcloth, afflicted myself with fasting, my prayer echoed in my chest.

[14] I was distressed as for the friend, for the brother, as in mourning for the mother I prostrated myself in pain.

[15] But they enjoy my fall, they gather, they gather against me to hit me suddenly. They tear me apart,

[16] they put me to the test, ridicule for ridicule, gnash my teeth against me.

[17] How long, Lord, will you stand by? Free my life from their violence, from the fangs of lions my only good.

[18] I will praise you in the great assembly, I will celebrate you in the midst of a large people.

[19] Let not lying enemies rejoice over me, do not wink who hates me for no reason.

[20] Since they do not speak of peace, they deceive against the humble of the earth.

[21] Their mouth opens wide against me; they say with mockery: "We have seen with our own eyes!".

[22] Lord, you have seen, do not keep silent; God, don't stay away from me.

[23] Stand up, wake up for my judgment, for my cause, Lord my God.

[24] Judge me according to your righteousness, Lord my God, and let them not rejoice over me.

[25] Do not think in their hearts: "We are satisfied!". Don't say, "We devoured it."

[26] Let those who enjoy my misfortune be confused and shameless, those who insult me ​​are covered with shame and ignominy.

[27] Let those who love my right rejoice and rejoice, always say: "Great is the Lord who wants the peace of his servant."

[28] My tongue will celebrate your righteousness, sing your praise forever.

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