Raiano (Abruzzo): what to see


What to see in Raiano, a place of ancient origins and located in Abruzzo, within the natural reserve of the Gorges of San Venanzio, renowned for its spas and churches to visit, including that of the Madonna delle Grazie, as well as for the 15th century hermitage of San Venanzio.

Tourist information

Thanks to its spas, Raiano has become over time a very popular tourist center, immersed in an environment with good climatic characteristics and characterized by unspoiled nature.

The oldest information about the origins of Raiano dates back to Roman times, as evidenced by the remains of an aqueduct.

The ancient Castrum Radiani, which was the first inhabited center located on the Castellone hill, was of great importance during the Middle Ages.

In 400, with the movement of the population, the historic center moved further downstream.

What see

Among the main places to visit include the parish church of Santa Maria Maggiore, in Baroque style, the church of Sant'Antonio, dating back to 1004, the church of San Giovanni and the church of Madonna delle Grazie, whose medieval origin is evidenced by a bull of Lucius III bearing the date of 1183.

The church of Madonna di Contra, which is one of the oldest buildings in Raiano, is located along the banks of the Aterno river.

At the point of maximum narrowing of the Venanzio valley, in a solitary place characterized by overhanging rocks, below which the Aterno river flows with moderate impetuosity, stands the Hermitage of San Venanzio, whose construction dates back to 1400.

Inside the Hermitage there is a Lamentation over the Dead Christ made of polychrome terracotta and dating back to 1510.

During the summer, exactly in the first days of August, an interesting local crafts fair takes place in Raiano, where goldsmith's articles, lace, ceramics, copper objects, tapestries, carpets and multiple artistic creations are exhibited in wood and wrought iron.

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