Sondrio (Lombardy): what to see in 1 day


What to see in Sondrio, one-day itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Castello Masegra, Castel Grumello, Palazzo Pretorio and Valtellinese Museum of history and art.

Tourist information

Located in Lombardy, Sondrio is a lively city in Valtellina, from an agricultural and commercial point of view.

The origins of the city date back to the Lombard era, later it became a fortified village starting from the eleventh century.

First Como and then Visconti possession, Sondrio between the early sixteenth and 1797 became the domain of Grisons.

Later it became part of the Cisalpine republic, then of the Italic kingdom.

In the northern part there is the Masegra Castle, built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, while in the east stands the imposing Castel Grumello, dating back to the fourteenth century.

What see

In Piazza Campello there is the church of Saints Gervasio and Protasio, an elegant eighteenth-century building designed by Ligari which houses works by local artists.

In the same square there is the Praetorian Palace, characterized by remarkable rooms and today's seat of the municipality.

In via IV Novembre there is the Valtellinese museum of history and art, set up in the rooms of the Quadrio palace together with the civic library.

In this museum you can admire various archaeological finds, as well as paintings, various objects, furniture and weapons very interesting from a historical point of view.

The same building also houses the diocesan museum, which contains numerous sacred objects and furnishings, as well as paintings and objects of high artistic value.

Mello's Valley - Sondrio - Italy (September 2022)

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