Sutri (Lazio): what to see


What to see in Sutri, an itinerary including the main monuments and places to visit in the ancient village of Etruscan origin, including the Duomo and the archaeological park with necropolis.

Tourist information

Located in Lazio in the province of Viterbo, along the Via Cassia, Sutri is a city of Etruscan origin, later passed first under Roman domination, then in medieval times under the papal domination, following the donation of Liutprando.

Inside the medieval walls is the Cathedral, remodeled several times in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and equipped with a bell tower from 1207.

Inside the Cathedral there are remarkable works of art, including a 13th-century Roman school table, a wooden statue of Santa Dolcissima, made by a pupil of Bernini, in addition to the wonderful mosaic floor that characterizes the central nave .

What see

About one kilometer from the center is the Archaeological Park, which gathers 64 Roman tombs of various types but all entirely excavated in the tuff stone, the amphitheater and the small enclosure dedicated to the Madonna del Parto, built over an ancient Etruscan tomb dating back to early Christian period.

This enclosure consists of a rectangular compartment divided into three naves through tuff pillars, inside which there are frescoes depicting legends connected to the Sanctuary of San Michele in the Gargano.

Sutri, Lazio, Italy (September 2022)

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