Tempio Pausania (Sardinia): what to see


What to see in Tempio Pausania, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest in the historic center, including the Cathedral of San Pietro and the Oratorio del Rosario, recommended excursions to Aggius, Nuraghe Maiori and Calangianus, a town famous for the cork school .

Tourist information

Located in the heart of Gallura in the Olbia-Tempio province, on the slopes of Mount Limbara, Tempio Pausania is a renowned spa resort, with agricultural, pastoral and industrial activities.

The oldest nucleus of the town dates back to Roman times, while the remaining part was built between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in the period in which it was the capital of the Giudicato of Gallura.

Most of the buildings are made of gray granite, similar to those found in southern Corsica.

The Cathedral of San Pietro, dating back to the fifteenth century, was enlarged in the nineteenth century, of the original structure only the bell tower and the portal remain.

What see

The Oratory of the Rosary, a place of worship located in St. Peter's Square in front of the Cathedral and dating back to the fifteenth century, houses a remarkable sculptural altarpiece from the 1700s with an antependium from 1621 and a 17th-century stoup made of marble.

In the surroundings of Tempio Pausania, 6 km away, is Aggius, a town located in a wild rocky landscape on the slopes of Monte Croce.

The Nuraghe Maiori is located 2 km away, an atypical megalithic construction consisting of two rooms overlooking a corridor.

The recommended excursions include the one in Calangianus, 11 km away, where the professional cork school is located, the only one of its kind in Italy.

At 26 km is Luogosanto, a medieval center, then abandoned until the nineteenth century, when it rose around the thirteenth-century church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Mare di Luna, located 13 km away, is a basin sprinkled with huge granite boulders, spectacularly modified by physical-chemical phenomena.

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