Travel phrases: aphorisms for those who have to leave


Collection of wishes for a good trip, aphorisms for departures to be addressed to those leaving and quotes to wish a person a good trip.

Phrases to wish you a safe journey

- I wish you a good trip to the places you have chosen for your holidays. Send me a postcard!

- The farther the trips, the more you enter the world. (Jurgen Wilbert)

- Goodbyes are always sad when it comes to people we love. Although it will be difficult, given that we separate half the hemisphere, I hope to see you again one day and in the meantime I wish you a good trip and greet you with a simple goodbye!

- A day of travel goes by, and there is no need for anything else to fill it from top to bottom: a river, bushes, a beautiful childish head, tombs.
(Gustave Flaubert)

- Your departure tomorrow is a prelude to a long absence, which will take you for a few months away, to a distant land. I will miss you my dear, I will think of you and write to you often. Have a nice trip!

- Anyone who does not move cannot realize their chains. (Rosa Luxembourg)

- Forgotten in his country, unknown elsewhere. Such is the fate of the traveler. (Marcel Carné)

Here's another one of your frequent business trips. This time, however, you have to go to a very distant place and you will be away a long time for an extremely important purpose. I will be close to you in this commitment that has been assigned to you as a mission that your sense of duty cannot fail to do. Be careful, I will pray for you and I will always think of you waiting for your return with much love.

- Ah! Traveling is a bath of humility: you realize how small the place you occupy in the world is. (Gustave Flaubert)

- It happens during travel: a single month seems longer than four months spent at home. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

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- I sincerely wish you to have a good holiday and full of fun. Have a good trip and don't forget to call me as soon as you get back!

- Travel like Gandhi, with simple clothes, open eyes and a clear mind. (Rick Steves)

- A journey is a new life with a birth, a development and a death, which is offered to us within the other. 'S take advantage. (Paul Morand)

- This holiday is the culmination of the long and tiring period sustained. My best wishes for a good trip.

- You don't leave to go anywhere without first having dreamed of a place. And vice versa, without traveling sooner or later all dreams end, or you always get stuck in the same dream. (Wim Wenders)

- You remembered the toothbrush and floss. If yes, excellent as this is one of the most important things to not decay the teeth and inflame the gums. All the rest, including the well-deserved rest, the fun and many new people to meet you will find it there so I just have to wish you a good trip!

Phrases for those who have to leave

- In my travels I have not found answers, only wonders. (Marty Rubin)

- I crossed seas, I left cities behind me, I followed the sources of the rivers and I immersed myself in the forests. I have never been able to go back, just like a disk cannot turn backwards. And what was this leading me to? At this precise moment. (Jean-Paul Sartre)

- The presumption of omniscience with the internet has generated the erroneous and arrogant belief that the physical effort of the journey has become superfluous.
(Paul Theroux)

- There is nothing like going back to a place that hasn't changed, to realize how much you've changed. (Nelson Mandela)

- Tomorrow is a departure that marks the beginning of a long absence, given that you will be in distant lands for a few months. Know that I will miss you a lot and I will always think of you, but do not forget me and the many people who know you here and love you. I hug you tightly wishing you a good trip!

- Difficult to become adults if you don't travel alone. It is a way to overcome the fear of the other and also of ourselves, in which we find ourselves facing nostalgia, we get to rediscover the roots. Until you travel alone you don't learn to relate to others. (Paolo Rumiz)

- I am a little jealous of the journey you are about to start which I had long thought about but which I have not yet been able to do. This is why I hope you will show me the photos taken to get a taste of it too. I just have to wish you a good trip and a happy return.

- Travel is related to the crossing of borders, but borders are also to be understood as the borders of the mind. (Salman Rushdie)

- A good rule of thumb, especially when you travel, is to fill yourself with common sense, leaving unnecessary prejudices aside.

- You don't take a trip. The journey makes us and undoes us, the journey invents us. (David Le Breton)

- I learned that those who travel need only shade, moss and a little light to guide their steps. (Rafael Adolfo Téllez)

- In twenty years you will be more disappointed by the things you have not done than by what you have done. So drop your moorings. Let the trade winds fill your sails. Explore. She dreams. (Mark Twain)

- Goodbyes are always very moving when it comes to loved ones. I am aware that you will be very far away and that it will be very difficult to see you again in a short time, but I hope that one day this will happen to be able to embrace you again with all my affection. For the moment I warmly wish you a good journey and greet you with a big kiss!

- Go away. Go alone. Bring a map. Travel light. If you need to bring a cell phone, avoid using it. Travel by land. Cross a border on foot. Keep a diary. Read a novel that has nothing to do with where you are. Make friends with someone. (Paul Theroux)

- Instead of bringing back 1,600 plants, we could return from our travels with a collection of small thoughts, which improve life. (Alain de Botton)

- Life is a journey and the traveler lives twice. (Omar Khayyam)

Good travel wishes considerations

The good travel phrases are phrases of good wishes to be addressed to those who have to leave so that they can have a good trip.

If you want to give a definition of travel, it can be said that it is the path in a spatial sense that must be taken from a place of departure to a fixed destination.

It is understood that travel is also spoken in a metaphorical sense to express the inner journey of a human being towards the discovery of new ways of being.

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