What cool means: the privilege of making fashion and trend


What does it mean for a person or thing to be cool, what does a person who is described in this way have to look like, what are the characteristics of any object to be defined as such?

Meaning of cool

With the English term cool it is customary to indicate an individual with particular characteristics, defined as fashionable, trendy or more commonly cool.

Translated literally cool means fresh but, depending on the situations in which it is used, it is equivalent to saying nice and sociable.

Being cool means believing in yourself, having your own distinctive character to be unique, showing wide availability and being on hand with everyone.

A person of this type is trendy, many look for him but usually the opposite is not true, because those who are cool always know what to do and what decision to make at the right time and for this many are required and appreciated.

The cool character stands out in orderly dressing, uses gentle ways and knows how to be expressive, perceives what others think of him and his every gesture is characterized by an enviable personality and awareness, important qualities that complete his way of posing positively in the world.

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