Zealous: what it means, meaning and synonyms of a derivative of zeal


What zealous means, where does this word come from, definition and synonyms for an adjective that indicates a person who acts zealously according to his conscience.

Meaning of zealous

This term indicates the way of acting of a person, who carries out with particular scruple a certain task or any other activity that has been commissioned or has taken on the task of carrying out in the best possible way.

Such a person scrupulously performs his duty according to conscience and without wasting time.

Zealous means to act zealously, a term from which it derives.

The main synonyms are diligent, conscientious, scrupulous and fussy.

Zeal constitutes an assiduous commitment, carried out with solicitude and laboriously, a way of doing that hides within itself a convinced desire for emulation, of giving oneself completely to achieve maximum results.

The zealous one wants to overcome everyone in industriousness to reach the set goal, with enthusiasm to reach a noble ideal, or even to satisfy his own personal ambition.

Each of us can be zealous to achieve any freely chosen goal or to fulfill an assignment assigned to him in the best way.

Examples of zealous people

- Carabiniere who puts the maximum effort to arrest a gang of criminals.

- Doctor who practices his profession, protecting the patient as much as possible.

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- Public official who practices his profession in the best way.

- A politician who works flawlessly to do the exclusive interest of citizens.

In addition to these there would be many other behavioral patterns typical of zealous people, but by now the meaning of the word zealous should be clear.

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