Accettura (Basilicata): what to see


What to see in Accettura, a town located in the heart of Lucania, a tourist itinerary including the main places of interest, including the Annunziata Church and rock churches in the surrounding area.

Tourist information

Located in an enviable landscape environment, characterized by an abundance of woods and pastures, Accettura is part of a territory inhabited since the sixth century before Christ, as confirmed by some finds made in the area, including remains of walls and the urban agglomeration of Raja .

Among the monuments of the historic center worthy of note, there is the Church of the Annunziata, a Baroque-style building erected on a pre-existing construction, which houses a wooden statue and a beautiful sixteenth-century canvas depicting the Madonna and Child.

In the Mother Church of San Nicola, modified several times over the centuries, you can admire the bell cast in 1611 by Gaspare di Missanello, there are also many wooden statues of undoubted artistic value.

What see

The church of Sant'Antonio, which in the past was part of the Franciscan monastery, preserves some 1600 paintings and a polychrome wooden reliquary dating back to the same period.

In the surroundings there are several cave churches, including the Chapel of Santa Maria dei Fiori, dating back to 1700, the Chapel of Santa Chiara and the Chapel of Saints John and Paul.

It should be noted that Accettura is part of the Gallipoli Cognaro and Piccole Dolomiti Lucane Regional Park, a protected area of ​​considerable naturalistic and historical interest.

This park includes the Gallipoli Cognato forest, the Montepiano wood and the remains of the fortification of the Lucanian city, dating back to the fourth century BC. and placed on top of Monte Croccia.

Among the events that take place at Accettura during the year, it is worth mentioning the May festival, a rite of ancient pagan origins, superimposed later in 1700 with the feast of the patron saint San Giuliano.

Accettura - Piccola Grande Italia (November 2021)

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