Aland (Finland): what to see in the islands


What to see in the Aland islands which, similar to a group of pink and gray rocks scattered on the sea, present themselves as an archipelago resulting from the outcrop of the old Precambrian base, which in the future could change the Gulf of Bothnia into a large inland sea, if should rise further.

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By flying over the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia it is possible to realize what the Aland islands are, that is, a pulverization of islands and islets that connect the Finnish coast with the large land that makes up the western dock of this archipelago.

But it is with the sea crossing from Turku to Stockholm that the landscape becomes more detailed, highlighting how that large group of rocks and islets, about 6500 in total, emerge in scattered order from a maze of sea arms with their characteristic appearance of rocks smooth, replicating the Swedish Skargard.

In fact, as happens for the Stockholm archipelago opposite, it is nothing but the ancient pre-Cambrian base, eroded and cleaned up by the Pleistocene glaciers, then washed by the waves of the post-glacial seas.

This base, due to the lifting effect that occurred after the deglacialisation of that area, is emerging from the waters.

Due to the absence of metamorphic rocks, granites dominate with their typical pink tones.

What see

Definitely alterable, these porphyroid granites of the Upper Precambrian surrendered to the Quaternary glaciers, which used to move along the Baltic axis, taking on the appearance of easily recognizable debris even from afar.

The irregular patterns of smooth croups and visible furrows concretize the ancient irregular limit of healthy rock freed from glaciers.

The moraine coatings, due to the swell, have disappeared almost everywhere, except for the center and south of the main island.

Overall, the Aland archipelago offers varied landscapes in detail.

There are many tourists who in the summer go to that pleasant setting with contained proportions, practicing camping in special organized areas.

Åland Islands - Summer 2018 (August 2022)

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