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What to see in Amelia, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including polygonal walls, Church of San Francesco, Duomo and Palazzo Farrattini.

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Located in a magnificent position, between the Tiber and Nera valleys, Amelia is the main center of the Amerino area.

It was the population of the Umbrians who founded it, later it became an Etruscan city and later a Roman municipality.

In medieval times it became common and in the fourteenth century domination of the Church.

Remarkable evidence of the past of Amelia are the stretches of the polygonal walls, dating back to the sixth and fifth centuries BC, on which the Roman and medieval ones were inserted, which extend for over two kilometers, surrounding the whole town.

Porta Romana is the main of the four doors that allow access to the historic center.

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Of the church of San Francesco, dating back to the thirteenth century, only the facade remains as evidence of the original construction, including a Gothic portal and a beautiful rose window, while in the baroque interior there are some funeral monuments of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Inside the Cathedral, a Romanesque construction reworked in 1640, works from the sixteenth century are conserved by Pomarancio.

Next to the cathedral stands the imposing 11th century Romanesque bell tower.

Other noteworthy monuments are the Farrattini palace, erected on a project by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, the sixteenth-century Palazzo Petrignani with frescoes by the Zuccari, the fourteenth-century church of Sant'Agostino, with ogival portal, as well as a rose window and Renaissance cloister, and the town hall, where archaeological finds are exhibited, as well as architectural remains from the Middle Ages and two remarkable panels by Pier Matteo d'Amelia.

The recommended excursions include the one in Lugnano di Teverina, a charming medieval village located 11 km away, where the church of Santa Maria Assunta is located, which represents one of the best examples of Umbrian Romanesque churches.

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