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British airways is the most important airline in Great Britain which has a very widespread international air network.

General information British airways

As is also the case with other airlines, the largest turnover is given by international air routes as domestic ones are mainly covered by low cost airlines.

The main British airports used are London Heathrow (IATA code: LHR) and London Gatwick (IATA code: LGW) and in particular for London Heathrow, which is one of the main hubs in the world, it has a monopoly as regards the routes to cities of North America.

At Heathrow, which is located a few dozen kilometers west of London, British airways currently operates from Terminals 1, mainly reserved for European flights, and from Terminals 4, dedicated to long-range intercontinental flights.

In the near future, the new Terminal 5 will be opened, reserved only for this airline where all the company's flights will be concentrated.

Like Air France, British airways has also used Concorde supersonic aircraft in the past.

In terms of alliances, British Airways is part of the Oneworld global alliance, including the American American Airlines, the Australian Qantas, the Irish Aer Lingus, the Chinese Cathay Pacific, the Scandinavian Finnair, the Spanish Iberia and the Chilean Lanchile.

British Airways' largest traffic volume is particularly concentrated in North America and the Far East.

Areas covered by British Airways

- 40% North America

- 26% Far East

- 13% Europe

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- 12% Africa

- 5% Latin America

- 4% Middle East

For more information on British airways online web check in, flight booking, hand luggage and contacts go to the airline's website directly from here.

British Airways Heathrow T5 Checking departures (April 2021)

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