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What to see in Evora, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the cathedral, Roman temple and church of San Francesco.

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Graceful city of Portugal and capital of Alto Alentejo declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Evora has numerous monuments and buildings of great historical and artistic value.

The population grew around a Roman temple, probably dedicated to Diana and built in the second century AD.

In front of its columns stand the ancient Convent of Loios and the Church of San Giovanni Battista, a valid example of Manueline Gothic style.

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The 12th century Cathedral is classified as an example of primitive Gothic.

In the two towers above the portico the figures of the twelve apostles are represented.

In the internal part, the main chapel, the oak organ and the numerous collections that make up the Treasury of the Cathedral, of which the most valuable piece is represented by the wooden statue of the Virgin of Paradise, have particular emphasis.

In the Church of San Francesco there is the Cappella delle Ossa, formed by columns covered with tibias, femurs and skulls of monks who lived here which, together with the arches that unite them, create a macabre but original atmosphere able to surprise the tourist.

Also very interesting are the Walls of Evora, the Churches of the Holy Spirit and of Gracia, reflecting the influence of Italian mannerism, the Municipal Museum, which houses Roman objects and paintings by Portuguese painters, the Royal Palace of Don Manuel, where the famous navigator Vasco de Gama was appointed admiral of the fleet.

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