March 4: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day March 4 is San Casimiro, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Casimiro

Born on 3 October 1458 in Krakow, by the king of Poland and Lithuania and Elizabeth of Habsburg, he renounced all desire for power, the pleasures of court life and to become a traditional family.

When the Hungarians rose up against their king Matthias Corvinus, the crown was offered to Casimiro, still thirteen, but he rejected it as soon as he learned that the pope was against the deposition of the ruler.

Being engaged in a policy with expansionist ends, King Casimir IV invested the son of the same name as the regent of Poland.

Prince Casimir, suffering from tuberculosis, carried out that task without being enchanted by the seductions offered by the power that charge gave him.

He did not give in to reasons of state when his marriage was proposed to him by his father with Frederick III's daughter, whose aim was to enlarge the already wide borders of the kingdom.

Indeed, Prince Casimir did not want to fail his ascetic ideal of purity because of the material advantages he did not want.

Despite being a young man of exceptional beauty, admired and courted by women, Casimiro had reserved his heart exclusively to the Virgin Mary.

He died on March 4, 1484 in Grodna just 25 years old near Wilna in Lithuania.

He was canonized by Pope Leo X when not even forty years had passed since his death.

He is revered by the Catholic Church as patron saint of Poland and Lithuania.

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