Mauritius (Mascarene): what to see on the island


What to see in Mauritius, itinerary from the travel story shared by one of our readers regarding his holiday experience in the main island of the archipelago of the same name, geographically included in the Mascarene and bathed by the Indian Ocean.

Travel story

I was so impressed with a poem by Paul Jean Toulet that I immediately convinced myself to leave to spend a holiday in Mauritius, the pearl of the Mascarene.

The magic phrases that left me in no doubt were: "A garden that the Lord wanted to lay on the waters, Mauritius is the place where the sea sings and birds rest."

The Republic of Mauritius is certainly to be considered a heavenly place located east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, and part of the Mascarene Islands.

With unspoiled nature, it is a verdant island with beaches made of white sand that overlook a blue and crystalline sea.

Already from the airplane window I had a wonderful feeling that soon became reality.

In fact, as soon as I got off the ground, I found myself immersed in a luxuriant vegetation made of coconut palms, bougainvillea, hibiscus, banana trees and many other tropical floral species.

In addition, dense forests crossed by streams with sparkling waterfalls and the warm waters of the ocean where splendid and colorful specimens of fish and plants live.

The island, which is of volcanic origin, can physically be described as formed by a central plateau which slopes gently towards the coasts, except for the southern part, where the descent is steeper.

What see

In Mauritius, in addition to having enjoyed beautiful sea baths and having a good tan in the warm sun, I was also able to make excursions to the mountains and to the many waterfalls present.

In addition I also visited the botanical garden of Pamplemousse.

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In Port Louis, capital of the island, I visited the Government Palace, an excellent example of colonial architecture, the Bazaar, a market where local farmers and craftsmen sell their products, the City Museum, containing a well-stocked library, and the Jumman Mosque , inside which there is a library, a Koranic school and a mausoleum.

Mauritius Island (April 2024)

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