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Things to see in Noli, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, present in this ancient Roman town hall and village in Liguria.

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Country of about 3000 inhabitants, located in Liguria on the Riviera di Ponente in an inlet enclosed between Capo Noli at the mouth of the Luminella stream and the island of Bergeggi, Noli is an ancient center that was also a Roman municipality, Byzantine base, domain of the Lombards and of the Franks.

The historic center has a porticoed front, which was originally of a marine type, similar to the portico of Sottoripa in Genoa.

The medieval town hall, with its civic tower, is connected to the portico.

Among the religious buildings, the Cathedral of San Paragorio, built over an early Christian church with a three-nave structure, deserves to be mentioned.

Along the left side there is a portico from the 1400s, with some medieval tombs.

Inside there is a beautiful wooden crucifix, a wooden chair from the 1200s and well-made fourteenth-century frescoes.

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The Cathedral of San Pietro, built in 1200 and remodeled in 1600, has a very beautiful high altar dating back to 1679 and a bishop's chair from 1500.

Other churches are that of San Michele Arcangelo and Santa Margherita.

Among the civil architecture, the Palazzo del Comune, Porta Papone and the Torre dei Quattro Canti stand out.

Among the fortifications we have the Ursino Castle from 1100, the remains of the ancient walls and the Fortress of the Hermitage of Capo Noli.

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In the area there are also many paths that lead upwards, including the one that leads to the top of Capo Noli, at a thousand meters above sea level, from which you can admire a beautiful panorama.

The Manie plateau, remarkable from a naturalistic point of view, which extends between Noli and Finale Ligure, consists of a large pine forest with stretches cultivated with vines.

Finally, an archaeological site from the Neolithic era, located within a huge natural rock formation, near the locality called "Le Manie".

Noli (November 2022)

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