Postojna (Slovenia): what to see in the caves


What to see at the Postojna Caves, where these caves are characterized by particular karst phenomena, how to get there and how to dress, itinerary including train and walking route with overall duration of the excursion.

Tourist information

Located in Slovenia in the village of Postojna, about thirty kilometers from the border with Italy and not far from Trieste, the Postojna Caves represent a typical example of karst phenomena.

Made up of a series of galleries interspersed with cave spaces carved into the rock, the Postojna caves contain numerous stalagmites and stalactites, formed over the course of millennia by the continuous flow of water, coming from an internal underground stream.

This stream, which can also be seen outside near the parking lot, deposits abundant doses of calcium carbonate at the base of these rock formations.

The temperature in the Postojna caves is around eight degrees throughout the year, with extremely high humidity peaks that lead experts to recommend suitable waterproof clothing.

What see

The visits are exclusively guided and the most popular route consists of a first section carried out on board an uncovered train and a subsequent section to be completed on foot, for a total of about ten kilometers and a total time of ninety minutes.

The Postojna Caves, in addition to their beauty, also stand out for being the only ones in the world equipped with a train, created with the aim of facilitating visitors on their visit.


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