Psalm 102: complete, commentary


CommentIn Psalm 102 the author says he sees the desolation of Zion and that he has made so many enemies because of his hope for the future rebirth of Jerusalem. He finds himself surrounded by many who in the past had been his countrymen but have now succumbed to the winners, helplessly witness the raids that are carried out and feel marginalized by all, seeking refuge in lonely places and going to complain among the rubble of the destroyed city. The psalmist recognizes himself as a sinner before God and trusts him, certain that he will keep faith in his promises.

Psalm 102 complete

[1] Prayer of an afflicted one who is tired and vents his anguish before God.

[2] Lord, listen to my prayer, my cry reaches you.

[3] Do not hide your face from me; on the day of my anguish fold my ear towards me. When I invoke you: soon, answer me.

[4] My days dissolve in smoke and my bones burn like embers.

[5] My heart blown dry like grass, I forget to eat my bread.

[6] For my long moaning my skin adheres to my bones.

[7] I am like the desert pelican, I am like an owl in the ruins.

[8] I watch and groan like a lone bird on a roof.

[9] All day my enemies insult me, furious swear against my name.

[10] I feed on ashes as bread, I mix my tears with my drink,

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[11] before your anger and your indignation, to lift me up and throw me away.

[12] My days are like declining shadow, and I dry up like grass.

[13] But you, Lord, remain forever, your memory for every generation.

[14] You will rise, you will have pity on Zion, because it is time to use her mercy: the hour has come.

[15] For your servants cherish his stones and his ruin moves them with pity.

[16] The peoples will fear the name of the Lord and all the kings of the earth your glory,

[17] when the Lord rebuilds Zion and appears in all its glory.

[18] He turns to the prayer of the poor and does not despise his plea.

[19] This should be written for the future generation and a new people will give praise to the Lord.

[20] The Lord looked out from the top of his sanctuary, from heaven he looked at the earth,

[21] to listen to the prisoner's moan, to free the condemned to death;

[22] so that the name of the Lord and his praise in Jerusalem may be proclaimed in Zion,

[23] when peoples and kingdoms will come together to serve the Lord.

[24] He has weakened my strength, he has shortened my days.

[25] I say: My God, do not kidnap me in the middle of my days; your years last for each generation.

[26] In the beginning you founded the earth, the heavens are the work of your hands.

[27] They will perish, but you stay, they all wear out like clothes, like a dress you will change them and they will pass away.

[28] But you remain the same and your years have no end.

[29] The children of your servants will have a home, their descendants will remain steadfast before you.

Certainty in Uncertainty - Psalm 102 (March 2024)

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