Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia): what to see in the spa


What to see in Rogaska Slatina, a spa town in Slovenia known above all for the beneficial properties of the mineral waters that flow from the springs of its spas, very renowned for the treatment of various diseases.

Tourist information

The town of Rogaska Slatina is located in the eastern part of Slovenia, near the border with Croatia.

Situated in the wooded hills, this resort is one of the oldest and most popular spas in Slovenia.

Its carbonate-alkaline mineral thermal waters, rich in magnesium, are indicated for the treatment of gastroenteric, liver, kidney and obesity diseases.

The healing properties of the water were known since the 16th century and treatments began for the first patients around 1676.

What see

In the early 1800s, in addition to bottling and shipping of mineral water, the monarchs of the Habsburg Empire also had a first treatment facility and a small temple built near the sources.

In the years 1836-1848 with the construction of the most important buildings and a good number of hotels, the town became a meeting place for high society of that time.

The attendance of the thermal baths, national and international, was interrupted only during the war events.

Today Rogaska Slatina is considered one of the most important wellness centers in Central Europe.

The spa complex is located separate from the city center, surrounded by woods, where the modern and equipped nineteenth-century hotels are flanked by modern equipped facilities equipped with every comfort.

Spa Grand Hotel Sava, Rogaska Slatina (August 2022)

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